about Me

Hiya! I’m Ashleigh, the LA-loving, London-living Liverpudlian behind Pink Palms.

Pink Palms Is so called because when I moved to LA with my husband Ant and my daughter Livi, I obviously immediately fell in love with its ombré pink skies, towering palm trees and warm summer nights. Being fully immersed in such an achingly cool environment made me realise how much I loved bringing daring visions to life and craved constant creativity - soon after, Pink Palms was born.

I trained in interior design and styling, and bring that knowledge and experience to every wedding and event I have the pleasure of working on. Your wedding should be like your home, in a way – something that makes you feel totally comfortable, where you can completely be yourself and which visually represents you and brings certain elements of you to life. That means I’m as invested in the bigger picture things – working with you to curate moodboards, pick your colour palettes, tease out themes and get some overall plans in place – as the little things – sourcing the final items you need, matching the colours perfectly, and setting them up on the day to ensure they shine. It also means that in my spare time, you can almost always find me at a museum or a trade show soaking up design inspiration, and working with sought-after trend forecasters to create forward-thinking event design. 

Before working in the wedding and events industry, I was also a cardiothoracic critical care nurse – say that 5 times fast – which, although not really stoking that creative flame, really appealed to the people person side of me (that human connection is why you’ll often find me laughing at the back of the wedding with the grandparents). I’m very honoured to have helped and supported families through massive life changing events, and I bring all that calmness that’s needed in a stressful situation in my wedding work too. I can prioritise tasks in lightning quick speed, and will never say “that’s not my job” on the day – on a wedding day, I make everything my job: to deliver the most amazing day possible. My background as a nurse also means I know exactly how to negotiate situations when families are stressed and not thinking clearly - family management is a big part of what I do!

In those other times when I’m not scouting out new design inspiration for clients or giggling with your Nan, you’ll probably be able to find me implementing said designs in my actual home, the Edwardian house we’re currently renovating, or in my spiritual home, Anfield (I’ve had a season ticket since I was 8.) I don’t do things by halves and am always up for an adventure – be it the Griffith Observatory or the Geffyre Museum, I’m your go to woman for making it happen.

Ashleigh, with cool tote bag and killer heels
Ashleigh, in front of electric pink street art

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