Portraits Bridal Agency was created by Nadia Matoorian-Farrow, Head Make-Up Artist and Zara Vernazza, Head Hair Stylist. I absolutely LOVE working with Portraits, these girls just create incredible looks each and every time! As part of my series on Hair & Make Up Artists in the wedding industry this week-here's an interview with the gorgeous Zara!

To start off, can you tell us who is the typical Portraits Bride? What are their weddings like? 

We began our journey seeing a bit of a gap in the market, there were no other Bridal Hair + Make-Up companies out there at the time that were pushing more creative boundaries, and doing what the hell they felt like! It was like everyone was stuck in a mould and bridal hair and make-up had to be a certain way, it was pretty mundane. We sometimes think of ourselves as rebels that ripped up the rule book. We approach our business not even thinking about these rules and we believe that this keeps us current and hopefully comes through when people are looking at our work. This is what we feel draws our clientele to us in particular. We are certainly not scared to take risks and create looks that are unique and individual, while sticking to a brief directed by our lovely, cool, quirky, spontaneous and stylish brides. We really do have a wide variety of looks to showcase in our bridal and editorial body of work, and we think that what links our brides, is that they are mainly creative individuals that have strong visions for their big day, this gets us very excited!

Something I bang on about *quite a lot* is how hair & make up artists within the wedding industry have their own styles, just like every other supplier. What's your best piece of advice for a bride stuck between all the different make up & hair styles within the wedding industry? How do they find the right hair stylists & MUA for them? 

Go with your gut, when you see a team that you love, their portfolios are very likely to jump out at you right away. If this doesn’t quite happen then we would recommend seeking out the dress, ground yourself with what the vibe of the day is and then consider how you want to compliment all of these elements to make them flow in the best way possible. We recommend browsing through instagram, Pinterest and bridal blogs and then look for the real weddings that reflect you, teams are tagged so you can find them directly. We always set up a chat with our brides to get to know them, and we ask them to send over any images that have caught their eye, alongside images of the dress and style of the day, an experienced artist will be able to advise what works, so you can trust them implicitly!

You girls create some INSANE looks-it's so modern and fresh, yet never over the top. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

We are mainly inspired by fashion and film, we try to immerse ourselves in the latest trends but never like to copy anything. Its really important for us to have our own style. This is why we love to fuse classic techniques with modern ideas, it usually works really well! We also adore working alongside different teams in the industry whose values also align with our own, this is when we get seriously inspired, as just being around that level of talent somehow sparks a huge burst of magic every time.

How do you help brides bring their look together-do they show you their dress & accessories? 

It's so fundamental to us that we get to know our brides on an individual basis, even before we have even met them. The WhatsApp group is a great way to share ideas and we always let them feel comfortable in knowing that they can send as many ideas across as they like, and we will be at the other end of the phone offering support and reassurance. Our number of years experience, not only in bridal, but across the board in fashion, TV and theatre means that our clients really trust us in helping them with their decisions. We often end up voice noting a client throughout the day when they need some advice and this really helps us get involved in the process while letting our clients know that we are fully invested. 

Sounds like you'd be a bride's BFF by the wedding day!! Do you also teach other hair stylists & MUAs? 

Our main priorities are to focus on our brides and photoshoots, which are our biggest passions. We actually don’t have any official channels that we teach via but we do love to guide our assistants on their journeys and ensure that their level of training is consistent with all Portraits standards. We do this by offering one to one sessions, which are personally tailored to our team, by doing so we ensure that standards are maintained. Sometimes we feel its nice to keep certain talents under wraps and not put all of our top secret tips out there.

So a fun question: if you could have your DREAM wedding (no logistical/budget issues to worry about) what would it be like?! Dress, venue, food, drink, music/entertainment, florals, Celeb Guest & why....and honeymoon destination?! 

Haha! Well......We both LOVE the sun so we would be zipping off to a classy Italian vineyard, ideally Northern Italy in the mountains. We would have Tame Impala, Metronomy and Chaka Khan on speed dial, all the while sipping from our Peach Bellinis while talking to Leonardo, Idris and Johnny, oh wait, then we might not actually want to get married at all?....we’ve made this too good! Nadia would definitely look like an Oscar nominated style icon and I would be a little more floaty, maybe feathers and sequins for me please!

ERM..... I'd like to be invited to BOTH those dream weddings please!!

I wholeheartedly recommend Portraits Bridal for your wedding hair and make up-those girls will be your besties on the wedding morning and you'll look like a Hollywood star-guaranteed! You can see more of Portraits Bridal work on their website and Instagram

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