Ask Pink Palms: How to Personalise Your Wedding

Tuesday, 03 July 2018


Vows are a great opportunity to let the love you have for each other shine. On my wedding day, my husband and I wrote our vows separately to surprise each other. Then when we read them out they were SO similar-both mentioned my love of crazy colours and Disney obsession (that I’ve passed on to our daughter), and his love for gaming and slowly turning our house into a retro games arcade. I was embarrassed at the time, as it looked like we had just copied each other-but so many people shed tears, as what really came across was how well we know each other, our differences and how we love each other for them. My top tip would be to search for wedding vows online, and agree a style or a flow for both of you to base your vows on. That way you can both write whatever you feel and no matter how different the content of the vow is, they will flow perfectly from one to the other.

Religious ceremonies are restrictive on vows, and it can be much harder to make the service personal (just something to bear in mind when deciding on a venue and what type of service they offer if this is important to you).


Readings are another way of making your service unique. It can be hard to find readings that speak to both of you, especially when pages from children’s books are extremely popular-but you can always look to song lyrics if you’re struggling with more formal readings. Thank You by Led Zeppelin is a beautiful wedding reading, and Jason Mraz I’m Yours. Look to your favourite artists to see whether their lyrics will fit your ceremony. The best thing is you don’t need the whole song, you can pick the best verse and chorus.

One couple I know had their son write a poem about them, and why he thinks they love each other.

It was hilarious, heart-warming and totally adorable-there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! If you don’t have children, think about asking some of your wedding party, or a special family member to write a poem about you both (choose who you ask carefully!) I would read it over together, as it’s not a speech-they have to submit it for your approval first!

Type of ceremony

Not traditional whatsoever? Want to bring a fresh, modern ceremony to your wedding? Maybe a humanist ceremony with a celebrant would be for you ( no it’s not some crazy cult type wedding!) There are some amazing celebrants in the UK, who will take time to get to know you both and make.

your ceremony all about you. As humanist ceremonies aren’t legally binding (yet) it means you can have your ceremony anywhere you want. The law currently is a couple have to be married under a roof, which is why some licensed wedding venues have small outdoor pergolas for couples to marry under. But a celebrant can take you to the beach, a field, beautiful manicured gardens, an observatory, a hotel rooftop… the sky is the limit!


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