Not gonna lie, when I came back from LA to London and told people I was setting up as a wedding stylist they thought I was mad. I’ve always been told I’ve got a great eye for colours and items, I see things other people would miss. As a kid, I literally loved nothing more than crafting and creating.


As a wedding planner and stylist, my work is quite varied. I support couples from early on in their planning, where we discuss all the design aspects of their day. We go through bridalwear, wedding party outfits, florals, installations, table design, stationery…. All the things you have to decide, but you have my expert guidance with you throughout your planning. I’ll push you to be creative with your choices, and recommend amazing suppliers at the right price. I also suggest ways of making sure your guests know how much thought you have put into your design choices, and they are a reflection of your story up to your wedding day. It’s also a great way of involving them in your day, your wedding feels much more intimate and they feel like they know you better if they’ve understood why you chose certain flowers etc.


Sometimes couples have most of their details nailed, but they need more on the day support-they trust that I can pull together their design elements perfectly.


Curating an eclectic collection of items to hire has taken me a while but I get so excited to add something to it. You won’t find items like mine with any other hire company! They are carefully hand selected from independent makers, homeware stores and antique markets.


But, in a nutshell-I’ll be your creative wedding sidekick! Head over to the Contact page and ping me an email-let's get your wedding planning going!

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