About Me

I'm Ashleigh, founder of Pink Palms. The idea for Pink Palms started after living in LA, and the experience totally inspired me to get more creativity in my life. My first career was in cardiac nursing, I loved how there was always something to learn and I could regularly challenge myself, and it was all about people (I'm such a people person!)

I moved to LA with my husband and daughter, and it changed my life. Having trained in interior design, and with a big love for weddings and parties I was looking for a way to pull all my interests together when we moved back to London. I knew I had to do something that involved making people happy-so decided to take the plunge and set up Pink Palms after training with UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.



Things I love

  • A gorgeous pink sunset!
  • Disneyland - I'm such a Disney addict!
  • Dogs or cats: Dogs! We have a Beagle called Louie
  • Favourite place: It's going to have to be LA - I'm an Angeleno at heart!
  • Favourite movie: La La Land (the soundtrack-wow!) or any Disney movie
  • Favourite food: Sushi, ramen and poke
  • Tea or coffee: I always start the day with a tea, then I'm immediately on to coffee!
  • Favourite colour: Pink, but I love bright colours!
  • Favourite person: My whole family-from my grandparents to my daughter, they are the reason I am who I am, I love them all to the ends of the earth!
  • Favourite celeb: Hands down Chrissy Teigen! She's a babe!

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